Chemical Accelerants for Concrete

They are liquid inorganic products used as accelerators for the laying of shotcrete said Spritz-Beton are additioned by dedicated machinery and mixed with the concrete in the last stage of the projection on the wall of the vault of the tunnel under construction.
They are the latest generation of alkali-free.

They are deliverable in IBC tanks of 1000 liters or in bulk loads to 28 tons

Chemical mixtures for ground consolidation

The Groutmaster is an inorganic chemical mixture which is used for consolidation and waterproofing injections of soils. It is produced in powder form and delivered in bags of 20 kg or in big bags of 500 kg. The powder contains all the necessary components to become, with the addition of water in the pipeline, in a solution that is injected at low pressure in incoesivi land in order to change its state.

Fiberglass profiles for soils reinforcement

GRP pipes for consolidation at the face of natural galleries. The longitudinal strength of the glass fibers contained in the profiles, combined with the low resilience, makes this product very advantageous when it has to be subsequently demolished during the mechanical excavation phase of the forehead.

The profile is tubular with a helical improved adherence.

Packer Mechanics for injections

The mechanical packer is a packer EPM double shutter which has the function of intercepting valves in the pipes to manquette to allow the passage of the consolidation of cementitious mixtures is that chemical

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